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    On July 20 1965, Owen Maclaren patented his stroller design for the B01!
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    A Company’s History
    The founder of this stroller company was Owen Maclaren. He was born in Saffron Walden, Essex, England. Owen never dreamed of becoming a stroller manufacturer; he was a test pilot and an aeronautical designer. He even helped to design the submarine Spitfire’s undercarriage before World War II. His interest in strollers began when his daughter came from the Unites States to visit. Maclaren watched her struggle with a bulky pram and decided to do something about it. His model had to be sturdy, lightweight, and very safe. It was for his grandchild after all! Using his knowledge from his past work experiences, Owen went to work. He transformed two stables of his estate in Barby, Northhaptionshire, England, and created a workshop. For his prototype Owen used tubular aluminum for a light frame. The finished stroller weighed only six pounds! It was also able to fold with one hand, go down very compactly, and was easy to transport. Owen also used a blue and white striped pattern which is popular even today. On July 20, 1965, Owen Maclaren walked into an English patent office and signed the application for his baby stroller – the B01. Ever since that day, there have been Maclaren strollers. This company now caters to countries all over the world and has a variety of models to choose from. It boasts of high quality, maneuverability, and as always – the one handed fold. Resources:
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